4 Home Remodel Projects to Increase Sale Price

Home / 4 Home Remodel Projects to Increase Sale Price - September 30, 2016 , by Girl Staff

Charleston SC Real EstateThere are many types of remodel projects that make living in the home easier, though most of these do not do anything in the way of adding value to the price of your home. If you going to be selling soon and want to get the most for your investment, consider the following remodeling projects from gopremierone.com.

1. The Kitchen Remodel – One of the first rooms that many potential buyers check first is the kitchen. This is the room in the house they spend the most time, cooking, cleaning, eating, entertaining guests, and the bigger and more modern the better. No matter how much money you invest in the kitchen remodel, it will come back to you two-fold at the least when it comes time to sell your home. Premier One states that not only homes for sale in Charleston SC – but throughout the United States benefit from a kitchen facelift.

2. The Bathroom Remodel – The master bathroom should have a bathroom that allows the homeowners to relax in peace away from the rest of the house and occupants. Many older homes have bathrooms that are attached to the master bedroom that are old and outdated. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how much more money you can get for your home when the master bathroom has a modern look complete with garden tub, stand-alone shower, and vanity sinks.

3. Roof Attic Repair – One of the areas you will see a huge return on your investment is the roof and attic of the home. This is a project many potential home buyers dread, and having it done for them when they buy can make all the difference in them buying your home versus one down the street with a new roof. Have a new roof installed as well as insulation in the attic. This will save your buyers time and money in home heating and cooling costs down the road.

4. Modern Garage Door – The curb appeal of your home can often make or break the sale. Many potential buyers drive by your house and instantly are turned off by the exterior condition of the house and never bother to even come inside. Invest in a modern garage door to increase the curb appeal and get more buyers out of their cars and into your home.

These 4 home remodel projects will increase the visual appearance of your home as well as the price you ask for the home. Invest wisely and keep things within a budget so you get back that huge return on investment when the house sells faster than you imagined.