7 Girlish Tips for Buying Your First Boat

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Boat BuyingBuying your first boat does not have to be so challenging if you simply follow some of the steps outlined below. These tips will not only save you money, they will help you to avoid becoming frustrated about your purchase soon after getting out on the water with family and friends.

1. Do Your Homework – If you shop around for a new car based on price, it only makes sense to do the same when boat shopping. Take a look online at neighboring dealerships and give auction sites like eBay and Craigslist a look too.

2. Know Your Costs
– In addition to the price of a boat, there are going to be numerous charges that will hit you in your wallet soon after you buy your boat. Take into consideration the cost for insurance, fuel, permits, licenses, safety equipment, storage, dock fees, and getting a trailer.

3. Get Your Sea Legs – Take a few trips out on the water with family and friends so you get a feel for this unique lifestyle. If you are uncertain about anything, hold off until you are sure about how you feel about boating.

4. Consider Used vs. New – Regardless which way you want to go, take some time to research the additional costs or savings getting used vs. new. One of the advantages to getting used is you get many of the accessories tossed in to the deal as part of your purchase.

5. Go Small First – When buying your first boat, consider getting a smaller boat instead of going too big. In the event that you change your mind after a few months, it is much easier to get out of the deal with a smaller boat.

6. The Right Boat – Depending on your boating needs, make certain your new boat is up for the task. If you are using the boat for fishing, then steer clear of a boat designed for water crafts.  Try a center console or Pontoon Boats for fishing. Take the time to match the boat to your needs now before you invest your money.

7. See a Boat Show – The local boat show is the perfect place to see all the boats available on the market today, as well as giving you the opportunity to pick the brains of people in that industry. Here is where you can get answers to all your boating concerns for free.

Be sure to follow these 7 boat buying tips and you will better enjoy your time out on the open seas with your family and friends.

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