meI’m a teacher and a pupil. This website was first began as an outlet for my love of cooking, games plus the internet and marketing, but after several years it’s grown to encompass my love for all things authentic and outstanding, including a variety of issues and for the social movement online. I’m a watcher of old pictures and a subscriber of old novels. I play the piano, sing, and compose a small amount and consistently offer my free advice. It’s not safe for me to begin playing the piano, because after I begin I’ve trouble stopping.

I review publications, films and trends in social media and marketing. I’m quite generous with my criticism and my compliments….

I’m its junctions with social marketing and a sharp observer of culture. I have zero patience with postmodernists, liberals, and those who pretend to really be much more intelligent than they actually are.

I consider there’s no such thing as a sensible, well informed extremest in anything.

Sometimes, I share rewarding out of the norm things that have to do with what i find interesting at the moment.  If you don’t like the content then you can get a refund on “free” and just leave the site.  I will promote and self indulge so be for warned..