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Charleston SC Real EstateThere are many types of remodel projects that make living in the home easier, though most of these do not do anything in the way of adding value to the price of your home. If you going to be selling soon and want to get the most for your investment, consider the following remodeling projects from

1. The Kitchen Remodel – One of the first rooms that many potential buyers check first is the kitchen. This is the room in the house they spend the most time, cooking, cleaning, eating, entertaining guests, and the bigger and more modern the better. No matter how much money you invest in the kitchen remodel, it will come back to you two-fold at the least when it comes time to sell your home. Premier One states that not only homes for sale in Charleston SC – but throughout the United States benefit from a kitchen facelift.

2. The Bathroom Remodel – The master bathroom should have a bathroom that allows the homeowners to relax in peace away from the rest of the house and occupants. Many older homes have bathrooms that are attached to the master bedroom that are old and outdated. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how much more money you can get for your home when the master bathroom has a modern look complete with garden tub, stand-alone shower, and vanity sinks.

3. Roof Attic Repair – One of the areas you will see a huge return on your investment is the roof and attic of the home. This is a project many potential home buyers dread, and having it done for them when they buy can make all the difference in them buying your home versus one down the street with a new roof. Have a new roof installed as well as insulation in the attic. This will save your buyers time and money in home heating and cooling costs down the road.

4. Modern Garage Door – The curb appeal of your home can often make or break the sale. Many potential buyers drive by your house and instantly are turned off by the exterior condition of the house and never bother to even come inside. Invest in a modern garage door to increase the curb appeal and get more buyers out of their cars and into your home.

These 4 home remodel projects will increase the visual appearance of your home as well as the price you ask for the home. Invest wisely and keep things within a budget so you get back that huge return on investment when the house sells faster than you imagined.

7 Girlish Tips for Buying Your First Boat

Boat BuyingBuying your first boat does not have to be so challenging if you simply follow some of the steps outlined below. These tips will not only save you money, they will help you to avoid becoming frustrated about your purchase soon after getting out on the water with family and friends.

1. Do Your Homework – If you shop around for a new car based on price, it only makes sense to do the same when boat shopping. Take a look online at neighboring dealerships and give auction sites like eBay and Craigslist a look too.

2. Know Your Costs
– In addition to the price of a boat, there are going to be numerous charges that will hit you in your wallet soon after you buy your boat. Take into consideration the cost for insurance, fuel, permits, licenses, safety equipment, storage, dock fees, and getting a trailer.

3. Get Your Sea Legs – Take a few trips out on the water with family and friends so you get a feel for this unique lifestyle. If you are uncertain about anything, hold off until you are sure about how you feel about boating.

4. Consider Used vs. New – Regardless which way you want to go, take some time to research the additional costs or savings getting used vs. new. One of the advantages to getting used is you get many of the accessories tossed in to the deal as part of your purchase.

5. Go Small First – When buying your first boat, consider getting a smaller boat instead of going too big. In the event that you change your mind after a few months, it is much easier to get out of the deal with a smaller boat.

6. The Right Boat – Depending on your boating needs, make certain your new boat is up for the task. If you are using the boat for fishing, then steer clear of a boat designed for water crafts.  Try a center console or Pontoon Boats for fishing. Take the time to match the boat to your needs now before you invest your money.

7. See a Boat Show – The local boat show is the perfect place to see all the boats available on the market today, as well as giving you the opportunity to pick the brains of people in that industry. Here is where you can get answers to all your boating concerns for free.

Be sure to follow these 7 boat buying tips and you will better enjoy your time out on the open seas with your family and friends.

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New Home RebatesOne of the most rewarding aspects of buying a home may also be one of the best kept secrets of the real estate industry. Real estate rebates and new home rebates, also known as real estate commissions are incentives given to buyers of a house by the real estate agent as a thank you for giving them your business. So you may be wondering how to negotiate real estate commissions, the following information will ensure that you get your piece of the rebate pie.

What is the Real Estate Commission?
The real estate commission works like this, the homeowner puts the house up for sale and agrees to pay their realtor a commission when the house sells. The money for selling the house is the pay the realtor earns, and they take a small piece of their own commission and offer potential buyers a cash incentive to work together. If they buy the house, at closing they are given the cash that was agreed upon.

What is the Average Real Estate Rebate?
While the actual numbers vary from realtor to realtor, a good rule of thumb to remember is this. If a house sells for $300,000, the realtor will usually give the buyer of the house a check for $3,000 at closing, or generally 1%. This number does vary depending on the unique circumstances of the sale, especially if the realtor makes less or more than the standard commission.

How Do I Negotiate a Real Estate Commission?
Negotiating the real estate rebate is simple because the realtor wants your business, and the fact you are asking in advance puts them in a position they have to do what it takes to get you as a client. The bigger house you are buying, the more you could negotiate because the realtor makes more money. If you feel the cash percentage they are offering is low, consider some other forms of payment. many realtors have inroads with inspectors, painters, contractors, hardware stores, and big box home centers.

Consider getting your commission is the form of a store of your choice gift certificate, payment towards closing-costs, or free ancillary services like home inspections or possibly moving services.

So now you understand how to negotiate real estate commissions. You should have plenty of real estate agents knocking down your door if you are looking to buy a house, and now you know how to sweeten the deal in your favor. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask about a real estate rebate.